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” We are landscaping solutions provider covering West Balkan territory, offering a comprehensive range of products for Commercial, Residential, Entertainment and Leisure applications”.

Here at SPARKLINE, we are not only about providing quality materials for the outdoors projects, we are all about helping the designers and clients to create stunning projects with our concept solutions, ideas, products and partnerships.
We care about making our client properties appealing, beautiful and breathtaking with wonderfully designed landscapes that are not only remarkable, but also sustainable and friendly for the environment. Sparkline’s role is to give to our clients a peace of mind that their requirements will be met on time, within budget and with top-notch quality and design.
Our business methodology is to use a unique and diversified approach in any of our projects and with our every client. From marketing our products, to choosing international partners to represent, to creating original and beautiful designs  by our in-house design team, to delivering top quality materials, all the way to our after-sales services. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction in all our projects.

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